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IATA - (International Air Transport Association)
A trade association serving airlines, passengers, shippers, travel agents, and governments that is established in 1945 in Geneva, Switzerland. The association promotes safety, standardization in forms (baggage checks, tickets, weigh bills), and assists in determining international airfares.
Indonesian Forwarders and Expedition Association. Speedmark Indonesia is a member.
Bea Cukai
Indonesian Customs Authorities.
Etihad Crystal Cargo
An Abu Dhabi based carrier. Received the Best New Airlines award for its first 3 years operations (2003, 2004, 2005). Speedmark Indonesia is a cargo agent for Etihad.
Qantas Freight
An Australian based carrier. One of the major carrier for Australia and American Shipment. Speedmark Indonesia is a cargo agent for Qantas.
An alternative tracking website for everyone in cargo industries.